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Islamic Education

Classes for adults and children to help become a better son, daughter, husband, wife, parent and an asset to society in general.

Daily Prayers

Pray five times a day in a welcoming, peaceful and comfortable environment with modern facilities in a convenient location.

Interfaith and Outreach

Muslims are a thread which was incorporated into the Scottish tartan long ago and we continue to learn about one another.


Introductions to suitable partners, marriage solemnisation and reconciliation services if things are not working out.

Spiritual Advice

Answering your questions to help lead a more fulfilling life, including youth problems, drugs, alcohol, marriage problems and bereavement.

School Visits

In this day and age of media sensationalisation and misrepresentation, we welcome the opportunity to convey what Islam really is.

Recent Work

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Islam encourages feeding the hungry, regardless of race, religion or background. The righteous are those who feed...
We have a strong track record in community engagement and have won awards in this area. We represent the Muslim...