Community Involvement

We have a strong track record in community engagement and have won awards in this area. We represent the Muslim community when dealing with local and national government, police and various organisations throughout Glasgow. We host police workshops, fire safety events, NHS health spotlight roadshows and Pollokshields Community Council meetings. We have been at the forefront of efforts to keep fascist groups off the streets of Pollokshields and have hosted politicians and senior law enforcement officers to lobby on behalf of the community.

Re-integrating Ex-offenders

Faith in Throughcare is a community-based initiative set up by Faith in Community Scotland. Its broad purpose is to help former short-term offenders reintegrate and become productive members of society again. Some of our volunteers have been trained to provide this 'through care' to ex-offenders. We enjoy working with  Faith in Community Scotland because they aim to engage with the most marginalised members of our community, Muslim or otherwise, to help them turn their lives around permanently.